XYZ Location

What is the XYZ Location?

An app, available now. Allows you to share your location with your friends.

The main purpose of the application is for us to play around with developing something – both back and front end.

Currently contains some modest features

  • Sign up
  • Add / Delete friend
  • Search for friend
  • Share your position with your friends
  • See friend position

This application will drain your battery – we will work to minimize battery drain but we want your position to be relevant for your friends.

How is the data used?

Your location is sent from your device to our server. Your location is only shared with your friends. Both you and your friend must acknowledge friendship to share your positions. If you remove a friend, neither of you can see the others location.

What do we do with your data?

We may play around with it to build something new but we are not sharing your data with anyone and we wont identify you personally.

What will we do next?

We’ll see – the project is for fun so no guaranties. Expect nothing! But suggestions are welcome.



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Magic Tracker for Android

Introducing a simple android application for helping out playing Magic The Gathering

The application supports:

  • Simple two player UI
  • Rotate top player in the Phone UI
  • Multiple player UI for Phones
  • Multiple player UI for Tablets
  • Drag and drop players to new positions in the tablet UI
  • Poison counter
  • Dice and Coin toss
  • Change names of Players

The application is available on Google Play